Oh my precious buuks!  

Posted by Daniel^_^Chin

I know why books are precious, and the Chinese saying of 书中自有黄金屋 couldn't be more true. Books are so expensive you would've thought there are gold pieces inside. No wonder in the olden days only rich men knew how to read. I love books, and the fact that they are so expensive in Malaysia makes the situation kinda similar to that of a shopaholic obsessed with luxury goods.

Yesterday I was in the mall to fix my laptop. After a yummy Taiwanese lunch and some browsing I decided to go back early. But as I was walking through the tunnel-like entrance still in renovation, I suddenly remembered...

"Ah I forgot, the bookstore!"

So I wheeled back and entered the mall again (how weird).

You see, bookstores are the only places I must go whenever I go shopping. There are certain things that draw me in - the smell of books, no promoters to bug you, the quiet atmosphere...everything is just so perfect. You know people go there to read and nothing else (or am I wrong?).

So I was browsing through the usual new arrivals and highlights at the front, where a few books caught my attention but I just flipped through them and returned them to the shelves.

General fiction category has some best-sellers that I've wanted to read long time ago but didn't.

Sequels in the Fantasy section awaited me but somehow I couldn't find them amidst those usual "Lord of the Rings", "Harry Potter", and the recent "Twilight". Somehow I found it annoying that the whole shelf was filled with the goth inspired cover (which means black, white, and red). What a waste of space!

I gave up and went to the classics, or what I call "books you have to read before you die". Argh!!! So many books I wanted to buy! It got so overwhelming that I had to just leave the section, and instead fixed my eyes on UPSR or SPM to just clear up my thoughts.

A glance at some books on photography reminded me that I wanted a decent camera (another sinful thought).

And at last, the mother of all lethal books on your wallets----------Architecture (gold plated and diamond encrusted) books!!!

This is like one of the wonders of the world. Do this the next time you're in a bookstore, preferably a big MPH or Borders. Go to the Architecture section, pick up the smallest and thinest book you can find and scream at the price tag. If you can't take it, don't bother about the big ones.

Of course, it was my job to search for the cheapest book there, never mind the contents. And that sums up what I did there.

Of course I was kidding, I did look at the contents. =.="

So that's my pathetic trip to the bookstore. I could have bought one or two, but choosing was hard.

The library? Tell me if you could actually find a decent library in Malaysia. And when I say decent I mean the LIBRARIANS too.

Guess that's why the average Malaysian only reads 2 books in a year. Maybe that includes reference books, feng shui almanacs , and recipe books.

And to those scums who burnt books in the past, SHEET you!!!

I might become the next Book Thief.

A few days after......
(this is weird, but true)

Hey yo!!! I might not have to steal books, because there's a MPH Distributors Warehouse Sale coming!!!

You can't believe how excited I am. I'm not gonna miss this opportunity, no matter how far the place is.

You might get a retail RM90 book for just RM15 there!!!

How crazy, it's like robbing, but dropping some coins while escaping.

You can't miss this, see you there!!!

Au revoir!!!

Of scary things and haunted class 72  

Posted by Daniel^_^Chin

Ciao people!

Haven't been updating lately, because assignments were messing with my blogging time. And as I'm typing now I still have lots of work to do! No pictures for updating, just go facebook :P.

Design is squeezing my mind like a lemon now, I doubt I still have a drop of creative juice in me. Any idea how to get more flowing?

It's as if assignments weren't the worst obstacles I need to overcome yet(of course not, but you get what I mean). God has more tests for me (Oh Lord is this final exam?). At the midst of all these there were also some unnecessary little troubles coming up. "Peskies" as I call them, tiny but lethal in the long run. First of all I spilled some water on my keyboard, definitely not the one I'm currently typing on now. Then something scary messed up with my mind. And what made it scary was that it came out of nowhere, and nothing becomes something that's nothing at all. Of course I laughed it of and declared it amusing. But as you all know the human web of thinking is kinda complicated, until the point that you can't even figure up what you are thinking (how ironic?). So nothing becomes something (sigh). But why can't this things (or people) leave me alone? I'm tired. And I don't know how to react anymore. How sour...

Anyway, thankfully my slow and calm self kinda shut things down. But there's a bad side to it, sometimes I do procrastinate on things, and I can't bring myself to finish things up quickly when I know they're not gonna be good (let's not talk about perfect) if they were to be done quickly.

But then again, nothing is perfect because no one is perfect. Life is imperfect, assignments can't be perfect, I can't be perfect, you can't be perfect too.

One more thing, last design class felt like highschool bootcamp, but we're not high school kids anymore. Classmates please be serious, because I don't wanna hear that kind of lecturing voice anymore.

Did I make myself clear? (Oh no you didn't just say that to us)

Ah, how I wish there're only me and my assignments for now.


...but proceed if you're not scary...