L'architecture + Couture = Fabuleux?  

Posted by Daniel^_^Chin

*dusts* *dusts*

Oh my god my blog is filled with cobwebs, a perfect timing for Halloween? Perhaps...

How long has it been since I last updated? 

Hey, here's a draft! *picks up a yellowish paper with several bitten marks* 

Oh, there's another one! *examines a coffee stained parchment from one grandfather's notebook*

Has this place turned into a haunted house? Let's not go into Halloween, because the party hasn't started yet, and boy I hope it's terrible (in a good way :P).

To compensate for my irresponsibility, here is me presenting my first ever lecture on architecture!!!


What? No? Okay fine, just kidding anyway. Instead, I'm gonna teach you how to be a fashion designer. 


First, you design on a piece of paper, preferably a toilet paper or a handkerchief to show your great eureka moment. "Oh look, I had this incredible design when I was suffering from constipation in the LOOie! Yay!"

Alternately, for architecture students, you can 
find your inspiration from the architecture world...

Which comes to the main point of this entire blog (I can see Ms Juida smacking her head now. "Where is your thesis statement Daniel? Plan of development, plan!!!!)

Well, I came across these LV bags (don't ask how!) and find out that their names are based on architects!!!

No, girls, stop screaming! It's men's bags...but seriously.....What would be the worst inspiration for ladies bag other than "architecture"?

All from the Damier Graphite collection...

So here's the Renzo (Piano) bag--->And here is the Tadao (Ando) bag---> 

Rem (Koolhaas) bag--->
Ieoh (Ming Pei) bag!--->
Jorn (Utzon) bag--->
And let's look at how these guys work these bags, but before that, let me explain that none of them get paid for posing, and neither did I for digitally......well you know :P

Well, cool isn't it? There are other b
etter ones in the collection but sadly they're not named after great architects.

This leaves you wondering......"What about a Zaha bag?"

*Laughing Out Load*......o.O...

Well, here's an exhibition on Zaha's interpretation of the iconic LV bag

Hey...where're the pics? I can't upload them!!!

I think you have to search for them yourself. I'm sorry :( but my blog is interactive, I don't expect you to just sit and read like a lazy bump while I was typing and uploading pics like a mad man. Now go! Off!

What the point of this entry? There's a whole lot more meaning behind it, not just asking you to admire...

I'll let you think...think...T~H~I~N~K~~~~~

Readers: What? An initial excitement out of discovery turned out into something meaningful? Give me a break! 

Author: Mind me *laughs sheepishly*