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Those who get tagged MUST answer the question's about themselves :)
-At the end of the post , tag 10 people to do the same except the tagger :)
-Continue this game by sending to other people (refer to rule No.2)''

Name : Daniel Chin Hua Kang

Age/Birthday : 19 / 03 December (I refuse to say I'm 20 because I've just celebrated my sweet 19th :P)

School : Does it matter? The most scandalous university in Malaysia. Period.

Elder sister : Irene Chin

Younger sisters : Amy Chin

Elder brother : No elder brothers...

Younger brothers : No...

Favourite liquid's/ drinks : Mocha, great if tossed in some mint and stuff.

Favourite consumables/ food : Anything nice. Love spicy food.

Favourite place too sleep : Bedroom...

Flying? : Yes, I can fly, believe it or not...

Swimming or diving : Swimming all the way...diving sounds great too!

How many friends in msn : Many offline friends, and I wonder WHY...(any blocking??)

Loved one's : God and everything under the sky...soooooooo fake...but yeah!

Get kicked on the butt : Get slapped more often...and swiped...-.-"

Allergic? : None that I know...smoke perhaps...but that's different...

Gastric? : No...

Age of marriage? : You mean preferable??? I'd say 32 or sumthing???

Children wanted?: Human...

Age of death? : Why don't you tell me?

Animals in your house? : We hate animals!!! No that would make something up there wrong...

Longest fingernails ever kept? : Do you think I measure them? Long enough to scratch you perhaps...

Wanted birthday present : Oh refer to my wishlist for god's sake...

Q : In your dreams, god makes you a billionaire and grants you a wish, what will you wish for?
In my that's not real right? I would wish that it's not a dream, so I can have the money!

A - Attached or single ? : Single and enjoying it.

B - Best friend? : Terry Chan

C - Cake or pie ? : Both in my mouth thank you!!!

D - Day of choice? - Anyday but Doomsday...

E - Essential item ? - What kind of item? Stationery? Gadget?

F - Favourite colour? - changes now and then...for the's aqua blue...

G - Gummy bears or worms? : Balls...

H - Hometown? : Teluk Intan, Perak.

I - Favourite indulgence : Ice-creams, chocolates, cookies, cakes...

J - January or July? : Can't decide

K - Kids? - Yay for mine...nay for the little ********

L - Life isn't complete without? Everything in it...

M - Marriage date : Hmm...have to refer to the elder's books! Something like almanac??? Lol...

N - Number of magazine subscriptions? - None...I buy when I like...

O - Oranges or apples? Since it's 'O' I'd go with oranges...

P - Phobias : Not that serious...

Q - Quotes? : I forgot...

R - Reasons to smile? I feel funny, you look funny, I feel happy, you make me happy, a polite gesture, a disguise...

S - Season of choice: Sale!!! Kidding...Spring perhaps...

T - Tag 10 people- You are Too greedy aren't you?? I don'T wanT! (Thank me everyone! :D)

U - Unknown fact about me? to count punctuation marks in sentences while reading...

V - Vegetable? Yes but nay to spices like parsleys and stuff, and also slimy vegetables like lady's fingers and aubergine...

W - Worst habit? Forgetful...

X - X-men? Lame thing for 'X' least come out with something else...

Y - Your favorite food - I thought I saw that somewhere up there...

Z - Zodiac sign - Another lame 'Z'...Sagittarius...

Save me, save you, save your money too...  

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Another song that I want to share. 

A really touching and meaningful one...

"We are very proud to present to you our video for "Save You".   What originally inspired this song was Pierre's brother's battle with cancer. About 3 years ago, Jay was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphatic cancer. After 2 years of extremely difficult chemotherapy treatments, he learned that the cancer was gone for now and that he was in remission. After being told he had a 50-50 chance to come out of this alive, he had won his battle. 

Because this happened to someone so close to us, we felt that, as a band, we had to do something to help.  We had to get involved and use our voice to make a difference in the fight against cancer. 

We wanted this video to tell his story and the ones of all cancer survivors. We want to show how strong people can be when facing adversity and hardship and how resilient the human mind and body can be. We wanted to relay a message of hope, survival and courage. 

With the assistance of iTunes, Lava/Atlantic, and Warner/Chappell Music, all proceeds from each downloaded sale will be distributed to cancer charities around the world, through the Simple Plan Foundation.   "Save You" - which is also found on our  self-titled third studio album "Simple Plan"  - can be purchased on iTunes here:
U.S. | Canada 

We wish to send out a special thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this video, the production crew, the Leucan Association, and all the survivors that took time out of their busy schedules to be part of this very special message.  You are an inspiration to us all! 

We hope that with your assistance, you can help us beat cancer.

Thank you
Simple Plan"

(And why am I addicted to songs for cancer???)

I dedicate this song to everyone reading the blog, my friends and family

Never give up in anything you do!

Here's the lyrics------->

Save You - Simple Plan

Take a breath 

I pull myself together 

Just another step until I reach the door 

You’ll never know the way it 

tears me up inside to see you 

I wish that I could tell you something 

and take it all away 

Sometimes I wish I could save you 

And there’s so many things 

that I want you to know 

I won’t give up till it’s over 

If it takes you forever I want you to know 

When I hear your voice 

It's drowning into whispers 

You're just skin and bones 

There’s nothing left to take 

No matter what I do I 

can’t make you feel better 

If only I could find the answer 

To help me understand 

Sometimes I wish I could save you 

And there’s so many things 

that I want you to know 

I wont give up till it’s over 

If it takes you forever I want you to know 

That if you fall, stumble down 

I’ll pick you up off the ground 

If you lose faith in you 

I’ll give you strength to pull through 

Tell me you won't give up cause 

I’ll be waiting if you fall 

Oh you know I’ll be there for you 


If only I could find the answer 

To take it all away 

Sometimes I wish I could save you 

And there’s so many things 

that I want you to know 

I wont give up till it's over 

If it takes you forever I want you to know (Oooh) 

I wish I could save you 

I want you to know (Ohohh) 

I wish I could save you (ohh)

Well, it works for money too, if you want. Just tweak some lines......

2008 is a nut!  

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Well, I hope it's not too late to write about my 2008 as many people have already done that. This is gonna be "2008 in a nutshell"---an alternative title....or "2008 is nuts!"

2008 was sure a very very dramatic year for me. In fact I think it's the most dramatic year to date(not to mention those political news that got more and more juicy). Lot's and lot's of things happened, and I've learn from each and everyone of them.

At the end of last year, I was chatting with my best buddy Wai Hong as we couldn't sleep. We talked about how our lives have changed since we left our warm, cosy and sweet little innocent town and enter the evil and harsh world--the real world. I was surprised at how similar our encounters were. I guess everyone will go through those things at certain point. 

But I was a good moment as we got to learn from each other. I wish I wasn't wrong by saying that we have to protect ourselves when we are out alone. Of course there's nothing wrong with protecting yourselves, but sometimes I found out that you have to protect protect(something like Colgate double protection?), and no, the thing on your mind is not what I'm talking about. Sometimes I had to be selfish, and when I realised that, I got all emo o.O. Well at least it wasn't as bad as you think. When I'm back to my friends and family I'm back to normal. Sometimes I do wonder if I have multi-personality, nah that might freak everybody out.

Noticed a slight decline in studies, maybe it was too little stress. So here a little resolution for 2009, think about nothing but studies!!! But that's sad, because we(me and Wai Hong) promised each other to have girlfriends exactly a year later. We both know we have high expectations on the opposite sex and it's not gonna work. So let's see what happens :D. On the contrary, it was really dramatic to find out all your friends being sxxxs and change partners like...everyday?(sorry I was exaggerating, but you get the idea)

Well, and there was the realisation of the importance of money in this (TMTH) world. It started with living by myself, so every financial decision was on me. Living around KL is like burning you money, unlike my hometown where money hardly goes anywhere. Then there's the foreseen economy crisis(yes I knew it was coming! The world is......), which makes money more......hated. Oh and did I mention I worked as part timer? It was fun but exhausting :D

Some trivia :D

1. Favourite movie of 2008
The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger rocks! heaven <(nn)>  )

2. Favourite song
I'm yours (I know I know, but it's not over-rated, you just got bored hearing it)
*ps: love Rihanna too :P

3. Favourite book
The yellow Reader given by Ms Zatur(you know I'm being sarcastic)

It's the Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom (such inspiring...)

4. Favourite news
Someone got shoe-ed??? Lol

5. Most disturbing thing that happened to my body

6. Favourite person
Myself (no points for guessing it right :P)

7. Favourite TV show
For English - Pushing Daisies (Brian Fuller is a genius)
Heroes is sooooo disappointing

Cantonese - Moonlight Resonance 

8. Favourite food
Can't think of a particular one...what about pork from BBQ Plaza? (No offense to muslims)

9. Favourite drink arse! (If someone mentions the word "Twilight" again, I'll drink his/hers)
Mocha is still my favourite :P (I......e....ya......will always love you.......woo......oooo......eee....I.....)

In a nutshell 2008 has been a nice year for me, no bad things(I'm optimistic so "bad" means bad bad). I discovered more on myself and other people around me, learned more in my studies(always grateful for that), moved to a new house(I'm moving again =.=", once each sem!), met new friends(some really weird), worked in Parkson, had a good time during festivals like Halloween, enjoyed my life and learned to love myself more(it's not vain). Cried because I was shocked(really shocked), laughed because I was happy, got pissed sometimes but my EQ saved me(I'm getting a tad more irritating now). 

Finally, thank God, my family, my friends, my housemates, my lecturers, the strange strangers I met, my Appie, my books, my assignments for living through 2008 with me!!!

2009!!! Ya better be good to me!