It started...  

Posted by Daniel^_^Chin

Semester just started and Drama Mama is rolling again!

This year's July break was a very well-spent, unlike the previous one. I took up an internship in GRA Architects and was very grateful for what I've experienced. I would really like to thank so many people but it's not like they'll read my petty blog anyway. One month plus was not a really long period but it certainly was MORE than 3 months rotting in the cave. I'm certainly hanging on to my tiny little uncrushed scrap fantasy before I hit the real world. Before this I couldn't wait to graduate, but now when I think of it again, why not savour what you have while you can?

The first day of class was really too bad to be true. I woke up with a groggy head got the shock of my life when I look in the mirror. I didn't sprout a tentacle out of my ear, nor did I become a Smurf. My right eyelid was swollen and I looked like I was squinting permanently with one eye, kinda like seducing myself?

How could this happen? It's like the Christmas tree being chopped off during Christmas day, or breaking your leg before the day you were supposed to participate in a marathon. So expectedly unexpected. Maybe I'm just exaggerating. But you get the idea.

I told myself it was just a puffy eye and everything will be fine. But the more I looked at it the more I freaked out, of course I didn't touch it but it felt wrong. My eye was a bad almond shape and it looked so funny that at a point I was laughing at myself.

I went to check about it on the internet and didn't really like what I read. It was a website called and I should've given myself a kick for not reading the obvious.

Mr Obvious says, "Well duh it's called so why are you still there?"

You can't blame me since I was half-blind, or a quarter, if you count the half squint...

Two semesters ago I had a pain in the throat and went to check online. And I thought it was a heart burn. =.="

This time it was either conjunctivitis, dacryocystitis, or other terms that made my eyes hurt more. I was hoping for a mild case of infection or maybe an insect bite at the same time though. But I had to go to the doctor (I don't have the male ego in the health department). I didn't want to go to college looking like Captain Jack Sparrow on crack.

Clinic was packed with people wearing ugly green masks, not that I was surprised. I thought I should wear an eye patch and join the club.

Fortunately it was just an infection, but I didn't know the cause, since I actually changed my pillow case the night before. And I didn't remember rubbing it, or did anything to it. I got a bottle of eye drops and a pack of antibiotic, which was what I needed. But the girl also gave me a pack painkillers.

Pharmacist (I hope she's one): Painkillersonetablethreetimesaday...
Me: *sounding totally perplexed* Okay...???

I hope I'm not being ignorant but painkillers for a small swell in the inner eyelid of my right eye? Was she trying to dig more gold?

I went to college in the afternoon anyway. It wasn't a big deal anyway since nobody realised until I pointed it out to them.

Me: Do you know what's wrong with me today?
Girl: Your hair? (I didn't have time to do it)
Me: No...
Girl: Your nose?
Me: =.="
Girl: Your shoes? Clothes?
Me: *pointing to my eyes
Girl: Your glasses!!!
Me: No, my right eye, it's swollen...
Girl: Really?

It's getting better now but I have to finish the antibiotic? It's not like I'm having a flu. There are rumours of cases in my college but I do hope they wear nicer masks since we are such a creative community...

Trust me when I say H1N1 is not the worst. I saw "The Seven Signs of The Apocalypse" in The History Channel and the disease (or diseases?) mentioned in the Book of Revelations scared the sh*t out of me.

That's all for this update. See you again!

Live LONG and prosper!!! Yea I hope you do!

It's still swollen...go twinklie!