Ikay Okay!!!  

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I know it sounds so wrong to pronounce IKEA as IKAY(Eye-Kay), but that's what my lecturer taught me! And isn't it fun to pronounce the names of stores wrongly? (Carrefour anyone???)

Yesterday was the registration day for FABE students. So there I was taking the bus to school and realised that I should've gone earlier. I can't believe that after going through that painful process 3 times I didn't even drag my own self out of bed 6.00 am in the morning and be the first to enter the college. The Hall of Fame(ahem, Shame) was full of students and most importantly, the counter I was supposed to line up was hidden at the corner, with a serpentine line of students ending nowhere. I was squinting my eyes trying to figure out where should I line up as the line intertwines with another counter's.

How unsystematic! The lecturers could've done something knowing the way Malaysians lineup.

Nevertheless, the line was the least of the problem. The student registering(Chris), was at the counter for what felt like an hour before the poor fellow behind him could scream "finally!" Apparently our new year leader was new in using the crazy program for registering.

Did I mention that I was sitting on the row of seats with the label "For Parents Only" beside the line?

And it was during that time that I resorted to my last years' plan: register when the semester starts! (How smart ;D)

The problem is that there probably are a lot more 'smart' students like me too.

After checking out the timetable and waiting for Rozan to finish his stuff, we went to IKEA!!!

I needed a chair and some other stuff, so Farhan, Iwas, Saras, Rozan and Me headed to IKEA in Iwas' car.

Stuff that I bought--->

Toiletry bag that can be hung

Floor Mat

Laundry Basket

SNILLE Swivel Chair

And the total was around RM80++, less than RM100!

Still eyeing the Drafting Table though...

After the exhausting journey, I cleaned my room again and it's officially a complete room now.

Let's hope that I won't be moving again.

PS: The food in IKEA was okay I guess. But the view of a lady flashing was 'better'

I know what Daniel did this CNY...  

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It's still New Year, but everyone is busy working and the last day to celebrate and enjoy the final bits of CNY spirits would only be the coming Chap Goh Meh, or the last day of CNY. Oh, perhaps you would see me throwing oranges at the nearby river. *shrugs* (Who says guys can't throw oranges? Gender equivalence FTW!)

My silly edit: Only if girls actually pick those oranges. If not...hmm, I sense a great prank on the way! *evil laughs

Anyway, here's a recap of what I did during this festival.

I shall start from a few days before CNY. Like what everyone said, the joy of CNY is actually in the anticipation of it, not the day itself, although I do like receiving red packets, and not to mention those wicked food!

So it started off with spring cleaning, always the dirty work first :S. Cleaned my room and threw away my favourite little pillow since I was a child due to it's unsightly yellow stains(I don't know what those are). And my mum found some lizard eggs among my files! Gosh I've never seen lizard eggs before and they looked like......eggs. Guess I can't really keep my room clean since I'll be back to college.

And of course, I made cookies. Yes, you heard right, cookies! They are Green Pea Cookies(no idea what exactly they're called).

The mixture

Cutting the paste into little pieces

Into the oven!


Packed into little auspicious jars

Then it was Chinese New Year Eve, an important day as it's the day of reunion with family and friends for those who work far from home. It's also a day when the peninsula might tilt a little as kampungs become highly populated and KL is deserted.

This year's Reunion Dinner came earlier than usual. We ate around 5 something because the food was all ready.

And of course, it's not CNY if you don't do something against the law (you know what I mean :D). And many guilty things I did, like not buckling up...

From Kee's World
Source: The Star

"On the first day of New Year my true love gave to me, a day full of fire-crackers!" Yes, woke up and heard fire-crackers and drumming opposite of my house. This is one of the days when I'm not entirely annoyed by those sounds. And like what we always did in previous years, we went to my Grandpa's house - the first visiting! And of course the yearly lion dance performance. But I gotta admit that the whole thing wasn't even qualified as a performance, more like an unaesthetic ritual with obnoxious drumming that passed off as the lion's grumbling.

Ready to grab the veggie?

Mummy Lioness: How many times I have to tell you not to eat dirty food on the floor!

Finally, a rather 'epic' photo :D

Nothing to do this day except eating and playing cards with my cousins. Thank God no one was playing Gameboy!

Went to Ipoh in the afternoon to visit my grandparents on my mum's side. And guess what we had for dinner? Pizza Hut and KFC. And this was what I saw on the receipt:

KFC Cockman? Did they use this all along? How funny :D

After the first two days, it's time to go visiting friends! Yik Chen had a steamboat party at his house and we got to met many old friends.

Can't seem to get fat after tucking in any food I could lay my hands on, and soft drinks too. You see, it was my plan to refill some fat before burning them. Can't believe I'm going back after all this to get skinnier again.

Time to open the red packets and count the money! $o$ The more you keep them (in a red packet), the more you'll get later!!!