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A song to promote Malaysian unity and anti-racism. Lurve it :). For more info please visit fill up my sorrow...:P  

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These few days have been quite stressful for me. It's near final review, and I know it'll get worst soon. Even with the stress, I'm still feeling lazy and always :P...and unhealthy too T.T. I'm getting skinnier and skinnier....

So, yesterday my mum called and told me she's coming with the whole family. Well, that's a good thing actually coz that means I can go out and have a decent meal which I haven't had in a long time. To make myself not to appear to unhealthy(at least psychologically), I manage to down a bottle of chicken essence(yuck!) and to my surprise, it's not as bad as two years ago. Perhaps I'll be able to eat bitter gourds two years

I woke up at 10 sumthing today and went out with my family at around noon to a buffet in Marriot Hotel Putrajaya(my second sis is working there anyway). After a seemingly long journey(my father took the wrong way...), we finally arrived there.....As an architecture student(and a camera whore), of course I wouldn't lose the chance of taking some pics.
Dad, mum and two sisters posing outside the lobby

The hotel lounge

The fountain!

The skylight(I like the golden leaves design)

After looking around and taking some pics(my phone doesn't have a lot of space)...we went to the cafe and started grabbing any food that we could find. Soup, bread, salad, rice, curry, noodles, fruits, kuih, dessert, ice much food so little time!!!!!!!!The cafe


My own danielicious ice kacang made by me Daniel :P(I'm so full of myself)

I just realised, to my horror! Of all the pics I took, I don't have one with Daniel in it! Oh my god!!! I have to say sorry to all my picture bitches, I fail u all....*sob*

Anyway, back to reality(or was it a dream after all?)...after all the food that I took, I couldn't even finish them. I felt so embarrass when the waitress asked, "are you 'finished'?", gesturing toward a FULL bowl of mushroom soup(it's not that nice actually, so I had to abandon it :P)

And there was a group of Philippine entertainers singing with guitars and the way they sing was soooo funny that everyone was smiling at the end of the day. Oh, there was a clown too! And I actually wanted to ask him make a balloon puppy for Rozan, but apparently he was too busy entertaining the kids(hey, us teenagers and grown ups need some fun too, ok?)

So after a huge session of tucking and stuffing(until I couldn't take in anymore)...time to return to my busy life as an Architecture student!!!!!!Doong~~~~wang wang wang~~.....(imagine Miss Jay making the gong sound in ANTM Cycle 9 when they were in China)

Okay, that's all for today...a short but wonderful break in my life...stay tune for more drama and fab pieces of Mr Daniel which is me myself and I......will c ya again! Ciao!

Things in my bursting head...AAAARRRRGGGH!!!!  

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I don't usually give a damn about other people. Well, maybe sometimes...but not always. I care a about others, and I hope I can help them. But I can't help you if you have no problems at all, or at least that's what you think. I don't get jealous at other people just because they are good at this or that. Unless you are super rich or successful or whatever, I may idolise you....but I don't really care if you have a nice pink bag or a stupid gold fish in your bath tub because if you think these are what that makes you better than others or makes you more confident...I have to admit that you are shallow-minded and I don't really know what to do( I might just pretend that I'm super jealous at your gold fish embroidered pink undies or I might show a fake smile :) )

Anyway, I don't get why people like to compare themselves to other people. I do compare myself to people from time to time, but I do it in my super-steel-wall-guarded mind and get over it after that. You don't obsess yourself with the pleasure of knowing you are the best. If you wanna compare just hide in your dark corner and do it alone. It's like if you wanna bitch about other people, bitch inside ur own sick head and not in front of other people. And if you wanna boost your confidence, do it in the positive way, any way, I don't know how, read books or whatever...just stop making people look bad or feel bad just to make urself look so damn "good".

Some people have attitudes that piss people off. Maybe they don't know it, you can't blame's their poor nature. That's why you have to learn how to deal with it. You can never change people, unless you are a bible or you are simply a god. I used to be surrounded by nice people, but I found out that nice people with annoying attitudes are worse than bad people. It's because you don't know how to deal with them, you can be nice with them but get hurt at the same time. It's hard for you to confront them because it is just HARD(maybe for me), and they don't know it themselves. These people are a different kind of breed, sort of like the hybrid created by today's complicated society, and I cannot say that I'm 100% not one of them.

I admit that I'm bad at socializing with other people, but I'm glad that I've learned a lot. I have to thank these people for training can say I'm ignorant or watever but I've always thought that I have a high EQ...but not anymore when I meet these people. I constantly get pissed by them and although I always tell myself not to care, forget about it, maybe its not what they meant, maybe its just a joke, I just can't patience certainly grew a lot(it was actually huge to start with)...but I regret now for not having the chance to say "please don't test my limits", because my limit hasn't been touched for decades( I'm only 18++, so that means NEVER!).

I can never be great friends with people like that...maybe friends...but not really good friends.

New haircut...yay!  

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Today I missed class again...not because I wanna miss, it's because I was supposed to go to an important meeting today. Tomorrow I have to submit my English report, so no matter what I have to gather all the information and pictures I need today. The problem is Mr. Nickque Tan, the manager of World Of Feng Shui only replied my email yesterday, telling me to meet him at 1pm today, so I have no choice but to meet him at 1 pm. He did mention that I can contact him if I want to change the time but I don't think it easy as he's a busy person. Anyway, math classes are always booooooringggggggggg~~(tut...imagine myself pressing a button to open a trapdoor under my lecturer....BAMM!)

So.......I woke up at around 10 and called Anne to wake up and fetch me coz I need her camera too. I reached Midvalley at around 12.16 pm and decided to eat lunch first. So I headed to Little Vietnam at the top floor(I din know where to go actually, just stumbled on that restaurant and decided to give it a try :P).

I entered the shop at 12.57 p.m. and asked the worker to inform Nickque. After browsing the store for around 15 minutes, Nickque came and finally I was able to take photos under his supervision. The photos I took were limited as I couldn't take that many photos actually. What surprised me was the meeting was supposed to be like an interview, but in the end it turned out that Nickque actually prepared all the info I needed(cool!!!!!!!). Therefore the "interview" ended quite early. It all went smoothly in the end although I had difficulty contacting them during the early stages(I started my research quite early...u know, although I'm a procrastinator :P hehe).

After the all-so-well meeting with Nickque, I went back to the store and browse for some items to buy for Tao Yuan and Yu Jing(I have to put their chinese names as this is very Feng Shui stuff :P). So after browsing for half an hour(I'm picky), I finally found something not too costly and suitable(I think) for them( I bought something for my self too, it's a handphone ornament with two jed carp and an ingot). My handphone ornament :P

When I came out of the store, I found out that I still have time. Because I wanted to cut my hair(need to chop off those little strands of brown hair). I went to A Cut Above and "ordered" a senior hairstylist(sometimes u need to pamper yourself, and I find the idea of letting a junior cut your hair horrifying).

So this middle-age guy came and played with my hair, then he went off and another young guy came and wash my hair. I pulled out the Feng Shui World magazine that Nickque gave me and started reading it....that guy suddenly asked me "You are interested in Feng Shui?". So I told him that I'm doing an assignment on the store and blah blah blah...then we started chatting when he brought me to rinse my hair and I thought he was korean or something coz his accent is weird but found out that he's a local staying in KL(Daaangg~~~o.O).........

After that the senior stylist came back and cut my hair and soon my hair was washed by that young guy again. This time he asked me why I study this subject(I guess he thought I was studying Feng Shui~~~daaangggg~~~I mean...hello~?....Limkokwing got Feng Shui studies ??). Anyway, I din explain to him and just replied that I was interested in that subject(whatever.....). He was speaking mandarin to me btw....and I felt weird coz b4 that he spoke English to me.....(watever~~~~~~~~)

So......after that he styled ma hair and it's a totally different style for me, but I like it though. Before I left, I took the chance to ask him how to style my hair and stuff(I guess u all know how hard it is to style ur hair after a new haircut, especially guys).

So this is ma new hair!!!!!!!!!!!-------------->



Can't wait to hear ppl's comments :P I like to always change hairstyle......the last one was not quite successful(not many ppl like it)........

So that all...............I'm gonna continue my report now........Bye people!!!!!!!! :P

Good or bad day? It's up to u...  

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Today was supposed to be a fine day...until when something important was missing.

I woke up at 9.15(as late as usual), jumped out of my bed and rushed to the toilet to bath(I was late, obviously). After bathing, I woke Rozan(my housemate and friend, if you don't know) up and prepared myself, which is a perfect timing because as soon as I've finished, Rozan was out of the bathroom(luckily he's not slow in the bathroom like me :P).

When we reached the U, it was nearly 10 a.m. and we missed the History and Culture lecture. So we straightaway went to tutorial and luckily Ms Zatur wasn't there yet(trust me, you don't want to be late in her class).

Today we had to do a simple presentation on the perspective drawings that we've done for our space that we had designed previously. Me, Rozan and Anne already done ours but Momo hasn't coloured hers yet, so I brought watercolours, brushes and everything for her to colour it in class. But unfortunately Ms Zatur entered the class at that time and she chose our group to present first because we were the last group to present last week, so we had no choice but to present with the only 3 paintings we had.

So it started off well and ended with Ms Zatur liking our presentation, not too bad for a group with 6 members but 3 and a half drawings. Anyway, Momo managed to finish her drawing after that. So it continued with other groups and in the end Ms Zatur mentioned that her favourite group was our group. To me, other groups did quite well and the problem was only they din do what she actually wanted. But I did felt pity for only particular girl who failed to explain her work and was scolded by Ms Zatur. Obviously she wasn't too satisfied with the presentation and got too harsh on the poor girl. I don't think that it's entirely her fault actually cause she wasn't told by her group leader what to do exactly(anyway that's just my opinion).

Anyway, after tutorial ended me and my group members stayed for a while to tell Ms Zatur about the problem of our team. There's this guy that didn't do any work except coming for tutorials(he's even late today!) and asking whether we wrote his name as part of the team doing the work or not. Unfortunately, I was nice(and stupid) enough to write his name for the first few assignments. But this time, I've had enough and decided that if he doesn't care for his grade, why should we?(well that took long enough for me to figure out, congrats :P) Fortunately, Our marks will be graded fairly and won't be affected by that guys so that was good news. Ms Zatur even said that we underestimated her fairness...ok I guess u r fair then...

So here's the part where I really need a psycologist to help me recall. Well, all that I can remember is that we went straight to the Drawing 2 class and after entering the class...I walked to the desks at the front for a while...during that time there were only Me, Rozan, Foong, Jenna, Sin Yen at the front and two other classmates at the after chatting for a while with the ppl infront....I walked to the second row and sat on the second table from the far right(Rozan on my left) and put down all my stuffs......after that, me and Rozan went to faculty to search for Ms Angelyn for the journals....

When I returned to the class....I din notice anything but as soon as the class has my horror, my T-square was missing!!!!!!!(well technically it wasn't mine coz I switch mine one with Catherin's but naturally it became mine coz we din switch back) I was busy searching it all over the place and I even went back to the tutorial class to make sure I din leave it there.....but it wasn't I went back to the drawing class feeling pissed......omg, I couldn't believe that I lost the T-square!!!!!!!!!!!The most important tool for us!!!!!!!!!And in drawing class?!!What was I supposed to do? Sit and daydream? Anyway....there's a little drama on a speculation that this particular person might be the one that took it, intentionally or unintentionally based on the scratches on the T-square that he/she had, and unfortunately I din put any mark on mine bcoz it was originally Catherine's. I guess I'll just have to address the person anonymously coz it involves my close fren there(not that I dun believe him/her....I was thinking maybe it was an accident that he/she took it without realizing it wasn't his/hers). Anyway, I didn't have the courage to ask whether it's his/hers or not coz I was scared that it might hurt his/her feelings that I thought he/her was a thief. But after Rozan became my spy and some acting and stuff I found out that maybe it wasn't mine -.-" I'm back to 0.......and came back home without my T-square T.T......and the mystery continues....

So I supposed it wasn't a great day after all....guess I'll just have to dig out RM20+ for a new T-square and hopefully this time I'll make full use of my artistic nature on it and make it 100% recognizable!