Badan Warisan Malaysia and Some Places  

Posted by Daniel^_^Chin

It's still holiday on last Friday, and while we don't have classes, Chris and I went to the Heritage Centre for some research on our Communication Principles reports. We we talking about it few weeks ago but it's only on that day that I knew Gusti, Reza, Ami and Ryan were joining too.

It's such a hassle to go KL from Cyberjaya. But since I've been here for 2 years I'm kinda used to it already. If you were to join me on one of my journeys you'll probably throw up and die on the streets.

Image taken from flickr

The place is quite near Pavillion KL, along Jalan Conlay. There was this traditional Malay building style Hotel opposite.

I'm feeling the roof.

The heritage centre is just a small colonial bungalow that looks like a cross between a museum and a residence.

Whatever they are building behind is certainly gonna ruin the view.

There's a 60-year-old traditional Malay house at the left upon entering the gate. According to one of the staff, it was brought all the way from Kedah and reassembled here. How is cool is that!

It's a penghulu house if I'm not mistaken

Back to our main purpose here - research, research, RESEARCH! So we were brought to the Research Centre, where the staff already had our resources piled up nicely on the table. I forgot to mention that you have to inform them on your visit in advance and let them know what you need.


Standing outside the Research Centre.

This was where we did our research.

The staff even knew some of my lecturers who always go there. At the end we had to pay for using the resources and also for photocopying some of the books.

After that we went to Pavillion for lunch and then KLCC. I even cut my hair there and it's something I've never done before (the hairstyle). I feel so unsymmetrical now, like this: 'o.O|

What??? Gah! No pics, no! :P

Bye!!! *flipping ma hair* na~ na na na~ na~~~

Raya Break!!!  

Posted by Daniel^_^Chin

A new update? Yes, and this rare "phenomena" can only happen during the holidays. My last post was written at the start of the semester, therefore you can conclude that I was too busy to update my blog. It's not that I didn't have time to blog, it's just that all the free time I had not doing my projects were used to entertain myself - movies, tv shows, and even buka puasa with my housemates(I didn't fast but I did break fast :P). All these were done to keep myself sane.

The first project for design just finished and now we are entering a critical phase, where everything collides together and interfered with each other, our lives, our time, our sanity. Chaos.

But before that, thank god it's the festive season. After all the rendang, lemang, ayam masak merah, we will have mooncakes!!! And in no time we'll be munching muruku cookies and oh boy, how I wish to gain weight soon before I disappear into a stick...

Teluk Intan has a Sushi King restaurant now! What a surprise O.O. I hope it doesn't close down, you know, when people only go there for green tea and a few plates of sushi. Went there on Sunday and wasn't too happy with the service. Anyway it's a good start. With Mc Donald's, Old Town Coffee Shop, Steak Factory, and Sushi King opening at the same place, this particular location has become the new hotspot and is always full, especially at night.

I just came back from a gathering with old friends at McD. I couldn't help but noticed that most of my friends had gained weight, and somehow I felt happy for them. And then there was a sight you probably won't see in McD for 10000 years:

A couple using umbrella in McD :D (do not attempt this at home as it's very inauspicious)

How sweet. And they do it every year, every time we celebrate the girl's birthday. Youngsters today just don't take a relationship that seriously anymore(says Kang Zi the wise, old alter ego). So please marry soon :P. Actually they are not officially a couple yet, but looking at what they've done all these years, I'm sure that they are one, in their hearts. There's no need to be official about it. I know it doesn't make any sense(the umbrella not the couple). The girl used to bring an umbrella everyday to school. One day, there's a sparkle and since then it became the symbol of love and caring for both, like the lyrics: Know that we'll still have each other, you can stand under my Rihanna. This is the Romance of the Couple Under the Umbrella ella ella eh eh eh...(fyi, this happened before that song came out, it's the original umbrella love)

Enough of them already, they take up too much space in my post, anymore and I'll have to charge an advertising fee. It's all about me, yes, myself, and I. (I'm starting to feel ridiculous at this ridiculous hour)

That's all for now, ciao!!!

Raya is still on, to be continued...