A Bridge Too Hard To Cross  

Posted by Daniel^_^Chin

This is the first time I feel the pressure since the start of my semester, not the big deal I've been through, but big enough to feel the existence of something pressing my chest, and something trying to gush up my mind and fill it with some evil substance of adamant nature...(omg what am I talking about? Sorry but I'm an exaggerating kind of person)...

But you'll ask, "Hey aren't you taking bridging? What's the big fit?"

And I'll reply, "Dude, I know, but...that's only assuming, and it was started by me(refer to previous post)...and you know that to assume is to make an @ss outta u and me."

"So what happened?"

"*Sigh*...you see, although I only have 5 subjects(only?), the amount of credit hours is more than the hours you stay in the toilet in a week. Smelly isn't it?"


"Two subjects is enough to work off ur...err...you know. And not forgetting the importance, there's a subject with 10 credits(*gasps*). Everything is just TMTH"


"I know what you are thinking, so what happens to those who didn't take bridging? Let me tell you, I................er.................don't want to think about it, the picture is yours to imagine, I only do sketches......oh crap, I have sketches to do! See ya!" *runs*

Anyways, I'm glad I took this course, because I know I won't be able to cope with the workload next year. But to those who are not taking bridging, don't worry, I know you can do it, time management is the key!

So see ya! *runs to journal and starts sketching* 


Another sem...time to be different...  

Posted by Daniel^_^Chin

I'm going to start my 1st year degree, so I'm officially a degree student now...yeah!!!!

But technically I'm doing bridging, and please don't ask me to explain, I've done it so many times so I'm fed up now :P.... 

I just got my result on Saturday, and to my surprise...I wasn't surprised at all! Which means I was surprised, but not for the reason I always thought I would be surprised, and rather I was surprised by the surprise that I wasn't expecting to be getting surprised at all. Am I getting you confused, or myself being confusing right now? Surprise...surprise...o.O This is the first time your are surprised at my blog load of surprises, and I am surprised too...

So what's the BIG surprise? Don't be surprised okay?

I got 3As and 3Bs!...you are not surprised? Then I AM surprised that you are not surprised at all......o.O

So what's the fuss? There's none at all. In fact, I mentioned that I wasn't surprised at the surprise I thought I would be getting surprised. So I wasn't surprised at my result....I know it's your turn to be surprised now, but really, I wasn't surprised...

So why?

Because I knew it was coming, no, not the surprise, I mean the result...in fact, I thought it was gonna be worst. But I was content with my result, so maybe I was happy...and the surprise I was talking about was the one that I got after realising I was content(maybe a lil bit happy)...so that's why I was surprised...

But why? 

I'm glad that you asked, or if you didn't, then I'm surprised...

Because I knew I was lazy last semester...I did badly, maybe in my own point of view, but it's still bad...surprisingly bad...so I thought I was screwed...

But deep inside I knew I didn't do so badly, in my lecturers' POV, because they've seen worst...

So it's time to stop being lazy and be hardworking! 

And stop thinking that I don't need to be hardworking to pass...who knows maybe I'm not as lucky(and as surprised) next time?

So that THE END to my entry this time! Are you surprised at the incredible short length compared to my other entries? Well, you'll be more surprised if I told you that I have 40 surprise/surprises/surprised/surprisingly in this entry! So are you surprised? To get more surprises, please come back again!

Disclaimer: Blog owner will not be held responsible for any surprise attacks on the readers. The reason the blog owner did not put any warning before the post was because he did not know that the surprises were coming, so he was surprised too.