We were "drugged" out of class  

Posted by Daniel^_^Chin

First of all, do I look like a drug addict?

Do I look like I'm going to be one?

Do I look like I 'ma smoke 'em weed and sniff 'em bongs? Or worst pop 'em pills in ma mouth?

Oh, do they sniff bongs??? Or they inject it??? See I told you!!!

And yes, drugs kill. I know, because I just got a taste of how 'deadly' drugs can be.

Yes, they kill your time, your money, your life...

Strictly speaking, I'm actually talking about a particular talk on drugs.

How cliche is this? We had one during orientation day (and countless at elementary school, high school, TV, and home) and we were told to attend one in the Hall of Shame two days ago. I saw a guy in policeman uniform the moment I entered the hall and I said, "This is going to be a talk on drugs!"

I couldn't be more right. To tell you the truth, no one in my class would take drugs unless they have some kind of disease (I think). 

And that's why I said drugs(talks on drugs) kill your time, your money and your life. You see, We were having a Design class at that time when we were asked to attend the talk. The lecturer asked us to return at 3.30 pm for the class, which was 1 hour later.

Apparently, it lasted longer than 1 hour. It wasted our time, our parents' money, and 2 hours of our life.

Did they know we had an important class? A major class that could make or break our whole semester? Obviously not. 

And the speakers were boring. So sorry to say that. 

I know I sound ungrateful but seriously they could've found a more suitable audience and time to do that. I wouldn't mind listening to that guy telling the story of how he got out of the deathly grasp of drug addiction if I had nothing to do. 

I know drugs are dangerous and stuff but this is like telling a monk not to dye his hair.

Policeman: Limkokwing is a very famous university well known for the good things. You don't want to spoil your university's name by involving in drugs.

Me (whispering): *rolls eyes* Dude, I don't think so, Limkokwing is already well known thanks to the bad stuff! 

Half of the class was already gone halfway through the talk.

Needless to say, we returned to class late. Luckily we didn't miss much, only the lecture.

I need to stop being sarcastic and cynical.

Guess I do need to go for rehabilitation.

By the way, the drugs were cute, they have panda, playboy bunny, four-leaved clover, heart shape......  

Anyone? No?