Can you fix a rotten apple?  

Posted by Daniel^_^Chin


A quick (but possibly lengthy) update :D.

Went to Machines in The Gardens yesterday to collect my laptop (at least that's my priority or rather, my excuse ;D)

Well, I've always felt embarrassed when people asked me what happened to my laptop...

Yes, I spilled water on the keyboard when I was PAINTING, yes, WATERCOLOUR!!! (my favourite medium :S)

At least it's not as shameful as screwing up your laptop because you were doing some other...stuff :P

Looking at the bright-side, I got a brand new keyboard! And it's free of dust, fingerprints, and watercolour (ahem, thanks for the spell check Mr. Blogger, but I'm sticking to the 'u' in 'colour').

And because of the staff's slow service (on the 1st of May, how ironic =.="), I had the opportunity to browse through the entire store, and painfully included some things into my list of must-haves. 

iPhone has finally arrived on our shore (like last month?). If you're thinking 'hey I got my iPhone years ago!' you are having an illegal one, not pirated, but illegal :P, not a crime though. But at the moment I'm not desperate to own one (I'm not a phone fetish).

Apple is like David Beckham in England (I guess). You either hate it, or you love it; some people hate to love it, some people love to hate it; some just don't get it; others, like me, just own it (it's products).

Let's ditch the Apple part...

The malls were packed with people, and they got in my way all the time =.=". After the usual things I do in malls, I headed to Pasar Seni to take the bus back Putrajaya.

Oh my Mother Earth, it was the first time I noticed how polluted Malaysia is (or rather KL). All I inhaled was fumes, smokes, smog, and all kinds of bad gases you can name. Some couldn't get enough of what the busses were emitting and started smoking on cigarettes. How I wish I could teleport all the way to Greenland.

So this guy was busy smoking in front of me (or my back since I turned around). 

Hello, why don't you just put your nose inside the exhaust pipe? That way your lungs get blackened faster, and you can die earlier.

At least that's what I wanted to say to him.

You should've seen me making weird faces, with my T-shirt over my nose and the pages of my tiny book flipping in front my face. Not that I wasn't used to that already, it's just that I didn't want to get old yet, and my skin was already in bad condition. Nevertheless, I felt sorry for the bus drivers, it's like they're living there all the time. 

And that's my day dealing with apples - my laptop and the city(we have the Big Apple, so...). 

I wanna bite on the real thing now, red and juicy.   


*PS: My posts always come out sounding cynical, and I can't help it. So pardon me :P