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So I'm free now! Well actually my holiday started few week ago but I only have the mood to blog right now. It has been a long time since I last updated my blog and I was sooooooo lazy to update it. This blog is sort of my personal diary and I only include my personal life here but at the same time, I want to have another blog that I can put everything I'm interested in it and share with other people such as hobbies and entertainment stuffs.

So instead of writing my own blog I started reading other people's blog and I found out quite a few interesting blogs that focus on things like fashion, food, books and entertainment. Well maybe you guys can give me some suggestions on what kind of blog I can write. I would love to start a blog that reviews entertaining stuffs like books, tv shows, musics, food, fashion and maybe I could use some help from other writers too :P

And the Olympic games are around the corner!!!!!!!!!!! Woot that just popped in my head :P

And that means I should rush back to my hostel in Cyberia and befriend with lovely Astro Supersport that I felt sooooo unfamiliar with before, well I'm not a big fan of sport you know :P I'd rather sleep than sit on the couch hitting my arse whenever another guy fails to kick a ball into the right direction. But I do like to watch some sports on Olympic like badminton(gotta root for Malaysia :P) and bowling too(but it's not in the Olympics right?).

So, while waiting for that auspicious date of 08/08/2008 let's go back to my holiday now :P

There's really nothing for me to do right now so while waiting for my results, I'm watching shows like hell(like I didn't when I was studying...shhhh!). Just finished the fourth season of Australia's Next Top Model....I know that many of you don't even know that it exists but I really had nothing to watch...I mean English shows as my internet has problems downloading the beautiful housewives of Wisteria Lane into my laptop and also the not so beautiful Ms Latina fashionista(or fashioNOTa) running around in her orange poncho(I seriousely do hope she has burned it).

Anyways don't worry as I have a few Hong Kong dramas up my sleaaves(pardon the australian accent o.O) thanks to my sistar :P DRAMA! DRAMA! I'm soooooo sick of it roight neow :P although I do admit I'm a dramatic person insoide and outt. But I still wanna watch some dramas by the Yanks...

And lose the stupid accent!!!!!! Okoie....

Well I guess I could do some review on TV shows halfway written one for "Kung Fu Panda" is in the garbage bin now I suppose...and I do not have patience to post stupid(I mean really stupid and annoying) links on movies and other really stupid stuffs on Facebook like the other annoying person there, I wish I didn't add him and I guess some of you who added him should know who I'm talking about right now cause it seems he's the only one doing it :P and he is not my friend I do not talk bad behind my friends......only a few miles out of their sight(and hearing :P)

And not to forget the piling books that I bought ages ago.....and didn't touch them until now. Last week(or last last week) I went to MPH and wanted to buy more but figured that I should wait for my mum to buy for me instead(need to save money the wicked way now!). Meanwhile I guess I'll just have to finish those I'm having now!

Oh and it's Rozan's birthday today btw...guess I'll wish him later today...gotta sleep naiow...if you are reading this blog(Rozan)....YOU ARE OLDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!*wicked laugh* Happy BITTER 19!...nay just kidding your birthday will still be as SWEET as..........................................something sweet :P Sorry I'm not theear to celebrate with ya but I hope you get a nice cake from Secret Recipe :P......and this is the first Happy Birthday in my blog! Here are some lovely pics for you!!!

A teddy with a cake :P

And a wicked Häagen-Dazs® Caremel Drizzle cake -
your choice of Häagen-Dazs® ice cream covered in a rich chocolate coating drizzled with caramel and garnished with fudge swirls and pecan halves.

And More!!!! This time a Serendipity - Haagen-Dazs® Macadamia Nut ice cream embedded in rich cream, layered with chocolate, topped with fresh strawberries & blueberries. "Surely serendipitous!"

I'm sooooo dying for cakes now...T.T

Okay that's all Happy Birthday again!!!!!!! And I wish all your wishes come true! (but not the bad ones about me!)

It's so late now.....or is it actually early?(these two words are a few ones that architects don't really know...and can't really figure out) that sounds like an end to me....Anne will probably say I'm writing an essay again when she sees boii!!!!(oh I can't get rid of that accent!!)

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