Design 101: How Do You House a Client?  

Posted by Daniel^_^Chin

In less than 9 hours I'm going to Malacca for a site visit. I can hear my tummy rumbling now, longing for decent food outside the Cyber Hell Pit.

The purpose of this particular trip is to sketch some historical buildings and also to find a site and do a site analysis for my upcoming design project. Basically this project is about designing a dwelling (not house) for a client that we chose, or rather, drew from a box (a la lucky draw). Only that I wasn't lucky and got a guy that I didn't know of - William Randolph Hearst. But I consider it as a challenge that I would like to take. There are other clients such as designers, artists, graphic novel characters, models etc.

Of course I had to do research to find out more about him. I even watched "Citizen Kane" which is a classic movie where the story of the protagonist was actually written based on Hearst's. It's not an accurate insight into my client but since it's quite a famous movie, it wouldn't hurt. The cinematography is quite good considered it's a black and white film without the props we have today.

It's very hard to define a real man (as oppose to a graphic novel character) but Hearst was a newspaper moghul who's not afraid to expose the ugliest truth, even if he had to make the news ugly himself in order to boost circulation. He introduced the Yellow Journalism, which is a way of publishing news by sensationalism and crude exaggeration. The big headlines you see today in the newspapers and the comics might be originated from Yellow Journalism.

I know it's starting to get really boring. You can see how difficult is it to design for a guy so complicated and not so interesting (compared to The Joker, or Leonardo Da Vinci).

We had to do two a3 size posters, one is to show our understanding of our clients and another is about possible spaces and designs for them.

"The Poster today! Hearst is the Devil behind the war! Come and buy it!"

Let's see what design will come up in the end. :D

By the way, today I went out with my course mates to buy materials and I got this from McD:

Missed the pink one but feel like getting the rest o.O. The lime green and grey are pretty cool.

Looking forward to tomorrow and update is coming soon. Till then, so long!

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